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Sunset Cannabis Delivery Hamilton


hi guys it’s Zach aka “Johnny Sunset”, sorry I’ve been gone for a bit. Many problems. Max is no longer delivering with me due to health problems, and I don’t have a dispatcher anymore either. So this is now a 1 man operation. I’d still be happy to provide you guys with some of the best cannabis in Canada if you are interested, but I can no longer keep regular delivery hours like before, it will be more like buying off an old school dealer than a professional service. The good news is that I can lower the prices and keep quality the same, since I no longer have to pay anyone else. If you haven’t been contacted with my new phone number please send an email to to request it or to order.

Order by email:

Sunset Cannabis offers top quality cannabis products! Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back! We provide clean, safe, quality products. Best in town according to alot of people. We would never put something on the menu that we wouldn’t consume ourselves. All of our flowers are inspected extremely thoroughly to be sure they are free of contaminates such as pesticide, mold, mildew, fertilizer, etc. (all of our flowers would 100% pass a laboratory test) we never sell blasted/rinsed bud. Our concentrates/extracts all come from good reputable extraction artists or are made in house.