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Gelato Mints – AAAAA – Indica Hybrid

65 / 120 / 230

Gelato x Tina x Mint Chocolate Chip

This delicious hybrid has strong gelato dessert Terps and strong gassy piney Terps with subtle notes of grapes, mint, melon, and chocolate. Hard hitting hybrid buzz that fades to a melty indica high after an hour or two

LA Kush Cake – AAAAA – Indica

65 / 120 / 230

LA Kush Cake is one of our most popular strains of all time. It’s a hard hitting gassy indica with strong gassy kush-y Terps and epic dessert Terps, notes of vanilla caramel fruit and chocolate

Chocolatina – AAAAA – Indica Hybrid


This bud has a super sweet chocolate brownie flavor with touches of diesel and mint upon exhale. Subtle notes of cheese almost like a chocolate cheesecake slathered in gas sauce

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